Friday, February 25, 2011

An New Innovative way to donate - from HDFC MF

HDFC MF is in its 10th year of performance. To celebrate their place in the mutual fund industry, they would like to give back and have chosen the cause of Cancer to pay back to society. The fund would invest in a 3 year FMP, with regular dividend payouts.The following would be the benefits of the scheme.

1. HDFC Bank, and CAMs would be waiving their fees.
2. The fund would act as a three year FMP and at the end of the term your capital would be returned.
3. Regular dividends would be declared. You would have the choice of donating all the dividends or 50% dividend to the Indian Cancer Society.

Although I do hope that you will donate the full amount, but if you do donate only 50%, and assuming 8% is distributed:
(a) You will get 4% tax free returns.
(b) You will get 50% credit under section 80G i.e. Another 2%
(c) At the end of 3 years you will get your capital back. Hence with indexing this will result in a capital loss, which can be adjusted against the capital gains of any other FMP maturing during that year.

HDFC is hoping to collect at least Rs 200 corers, which would mean about Rs 15 crores donated every year. These funds would be mainly used for giving cancer treatment to the poor. To manage this amount, a committee has been set up which includes luminaries like Keki Dadiseth, etc.

The minimum investment is Rs 100,000 and I am putting in this amount. I do request you to please also donate some amount to this cause and support HDFC MF in their endeavour. It does make economic senses as well, as if you donate 50% of the dividend, you would not be out of pocket at all. Please do circulate this message to all your friends and associates too.

The fund is closing on 4th March.

Please do assist this worthy cause.